We are in a position to supply individually cast alluminium throttle bodies with a Weber bolt mounting pattern. This enables a user to mount the T/B's to an inlet manifold that has been made specifically for Weber side draught (DCOE) carbs. So if you are upgrading and you have been using Weber or Dellorto side draught carbs it is a case of simply bolting on the new T/B's to the existing manifold. This obviously helps in cost reduction and re-engineering time.

The T/b's are available in the following sizes:

40mm, 42mm or 45mm

* 48mm Units are available on special order

The quality is of an exceptionally high standard and each kit of four individual T/B's comes complete with the following:

  • A dual throttle linkage kit
  • A Throttle position sensor that mounts to one of the end T/B's
  • A Fuel Pressure Regulator Housing
  • A Fuel Pressure Regulator of your choice (2.0 Bar or 3.0 Bar)
  • A Two Piece Fuel Rail with push on connectors
  • 4 x 45mm x 60mm Ram Tubes
  • 4 x Individual Throttle Bodies 45mm

PRICE R 12995.00

* Individual items are available on special request, please contact us for pricing

These T/B's have been used in many varied applications which include individual installations on single cylinder Motor Bikes through to Micro Light's!