We have been manufacturing wishbones for many different applications for quite some time. The wishbones are made in a jig and are welded together using a Tig welder. Depending on the type of item being fabricated, we have a large stock of bushes, adjusters and ferules which are used in the manufacture of these items.We have made wishbones for the following vehicles:

Birkin 7, Locost, Caterham 7, Lotus 23 Replica, Van Diemen Formula Ford, Mygale Formula Ford, Ray Formula Ford to name a few. Most of these are built to the customers requirements and either include fully rose jointed options or vesconite bushes for those with a tight budget. We are currently fabricating components for an off road buggy featuring a Super Bike engine! Watch this space for more details.

In addition to this we have under taken custom fabrications such as radius arms, pedal boxes, engine mounting brackets etc. We do not manufacture chassis , although we do have a Mig (C02) welder which is mostly used for welding brackets to diff's. Some of the equipment in house includes: The welders already mentioned, Oxy Acetalene, Drilling press, Milling Machine, Lathe, Press and Vertical steel band saw for cutting out those odd shapes.

Please call for pricing on wishbones as there are too many variables (As per customer preferences) to quote a standard price.

The wishbones in the first picture below were made for a customers Birkin 7. The following work was carried out:

  • The hubs were converted to accept vented discs.
  • Custom brake caliper brakets were made to accept Wilwood 4 pot Calipers.
  • The Triumph Spitfire uprights were modified, the brass trunion was removed and the lower wishbone houses a spherical plain bearing which now accommodates the modified upright.
  • Wide track wishbones were fabricated with full camber adjustment in situ via a custom adjuster.
  • Vesconite bushes were added to the wishbones.
  • Longer steering arm turn buckles were fitted to accommodate the wider track along with the addition of rose joints on the steering arms.
  • Everything was gun coated and powder coated and all nuts and bolts have been nickel plated. This car will ultimately go to Canada.
  • Additional alluminium spring collars were machined and fitted to the existing shocks to accommodate the uprated springs front and rear.

The following are Van Diemen RF 91 wishbones we made for our customer: