I began my racing career in Zimbabwe during the 1970’s aboard motorcycles competing in events such as Moto-X, Enduro’s, Foot-up trials and flat track racing. During this period I built and modified many motorcycle specials as a teenager with friends who were equally passionate about motorcycles. After a lengthy departure from motor sport, I returned to the track in 1995, this time on four wheels. During 1993/4 I built a CC7 (A South African Lotus 7 replica), the chassis was sourced from CC Motor sport and then taken home where the building process began. Over the years to come the car was developed in to one of, if not “The” most successful 7’s in South African motor racing to date. Not forgetting Brausch Niemann’s famous Lotus 7 that competed in the 1968 South African Formula 1 Grand Prix.

I built my first chassis (7 Replica) in 1989 and the bug bit rather hard, I still recall how naive I was to think that I could simply weld a chassis together and have it on the road in no time at all. Over the years to come the reality of how to construct such a project fell hard upon my enthusiasm. I did not have the right workspace or the tools and neither did I have the knowledge or expertise at that stage. They say that the only way to learn is to jump in the deep end and I did exactly that. I eventually capitulated and bought a CC7 chassis from Norman Thersby and began building a car which was far more apt with the task I had in mind – To Race! After some time I had built a fairly extensive technical knowledge from many hours spent working on projects that I have undertaken either by myself or with colleagues.

In addition to the above I have provided experienced constructive advice to those who do not have the know how required when deciding on things such as buying a car or suspension design to performance engine tuning. CWR custom builds suspension components and designs suspension/steering geometry solutions all the way through to modified engine tuning and the manufacture of associated parts such as custom bell housings etc. I have served as the Chairman of the South African Historic Racing Car Register (HRCR) and I have served two periods as Chairman of the South African Lotus Register.

I hope that this website will provide some form of guidance and a path for you to procure those bits and pieces and/or car which you have been looking for and to make the right decisions as you grow with your project.

Clive Wilmot


South Africa

  Some past achievements include:

 1996 Historic Racing Car Register Most points scored  (Could not win championship in a replica)

 1997 Lotus Challenge Champion      Hidden handicap champion

 1997 Lotus Challenge                        Scratch Champion

 2000 Lotus Challenge                        Scratch Champion

 2002 Lotus Challenge                        Scratch Champion

 2006 Lotus Challenge                        Scratch Champion

 “King of the Hill” 2000                     Krugesrdorp hill climb Class A & Overall winner

 I was Awarded “Northern Regions” provincial colours for Motor Sport in 1996 on merit and 2006 for winning the Lotus Challenge Regional Series.